Day Care

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The trend in our lives seems to be work, work, and more work, and this leaves the loyal family pet alone for extended periods of time. Pets need exercise and socialization to remain mentally and physically fit. Long periods without human contact can result in destructive behaviors such as chewing, digging, barking, and disobedience to commands. At a minimum, it results in a pet who is ready to start his day just as you are ready to end yours.

Outdoor Yard

Benefits of Day Care

What is a caring pet parent to do? Have you considered dog day care? Dog day care works very much like child day care. It is an organized, controlled, and monitored environment where a group of friendly dogs from multiple families can play and interact with each other.

Our trained staff helps dogs interact safely with each other while chasing bubbles, chasing tails, and playing with toys and other dogs. Imagine returning home at the end of a day with a dog whose day was as busy as yours! Their needs for mental and physical stimulation have been met, and your biggest worry might now be who gets the best seat on the sofa! Remember, a tired puppy is a happy puppy.


Your pet’s vaccinations must be up to date and on record with Bay Area Pet Spa. If your pet normally visits Bay Area Animal Hospital for vaccines and everything is up to date, you’re set! If your pet receives their vaccines from another veterinarian, please bring a copy of their record for our file. All pets over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Behavior Analysis

Pets must pass two different behavior evaluations before admittance to day care. These need to be scheduled in advance. If your pet passes, it may enter day care on the day of each evaluation. Once your pet passes both evaluations, they are cleared for day care any day after that. Some pets are unsuitable for day care play, and this evaluation helps ensure the safety of the day care dogs. Each group of dogs has a different dynamic, and we do two separate evaluations in order to determine if your dog can mix with different groups. Dogs that are unsuitable for day care are welcome to stay in our facilities for day boarding with the options of neighborhood walks or private playtime to fill their day.


Day care participants are required to wear a quick-release collar, with no exceptions! This is for the safety of all the pets in day care. These collars are available for purchase on-site.

Pass Use and Reservations

Day care passes need not be used for consecutive days. Passes are good for one year. Reservations for day care are required, even if it’s the day of your pet’s visit.

Required Vaccines For Day Care

Distemper Combination

To jump-start your dog’s application into day care, please fill out the following forms: